Friday, January 06, 2006

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school! We have a busy semester ahead of us. We will be preparing to take the Alabama Reading and Mathematics Test in April and making sure that everyone is ready for eighth grade!

We are beginning this semester by studying probability. We will be working out of a supplemental unit called What Do You Expect? Students will be working with a partner as they play different games that will help them discover how to find the probability of compound events. The following is an example of a compound event: "A jar contains 3 red marbles and 2 black marbles. All the marbles are the same size and there are no other marbles in the jar. On the first selection, a marble is chosen at random and not replaced. Then a second marble is chosen at random. What is the probability that the marbles chosen at random will be a black marble and a red marble?"

Here is what I assigned for homework this week:

Wednesday: Worksheet, "Homework 1.1"

Thursday: Worksheet, "9-1: Simple Events" (7th grade math students had this sheet in their Practice:Skills workbook)

Friday: Worksheet, "1.2 ACE" (3rd period needs to complete this by Monday. All other classes have until Tuesday to finish.)

If your child had their work when I checked it, I stamped it. The next test will be Friday, and I will take up work on that day.


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