Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday, January 9

We are continuing to work on probability this week. Each class seems to be at a different place right now due to various interuptions beyond our control! Tonight's homework was to complete worksheet 1.2 ACE. (Third period did this over the weekend and had no homework tonight!)

On Tuesday we will once again be taking a practice ARMT test. Only three months left until the real thing! There will be a reward for improving your score throughout the year. More details coming soon! We want EVERYONE to be working at grade level or above grade level.

Next week we will spend some time looking at how to construct responses for the open-ended questions on the ARMT. In these questions students are not given answer choices. Instead, they are given a blank page, a multi-part question, and they are asked to explain their reasoning. Seventh graders have four open-ended questions, and one will be about probability. These questions are worth 3 points each, and the other questions are only worth one point. To receive the full 3 points, students must answer the question correctly and explain their reasoning. A correct answer without explanation will only earn 1 point, and correct reasoning with minor careless errors can score higher to earn a 2. This takes some adjustment in thinking for the students, and I want to be sure they feel comfortable with this type question.


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