Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Makeup Test

Everyone took the second probability test today. I am planning to grade papers tonight, so maybe I'll have the grades tomorrow! (One can always hope!) I also took up all work since the last test. I did not make a new assignment today, but an assignment from last week is due tomorrow. I also offered extra credit. This will be due the next time I take up work.

MATH: pp. 299-300, #16-38 even, 40-43, 45, 48-52
Extra Credit: p. 572, Lesson 4-1, #1-30

Pre-Algebra: pp.279-280, #8-20 even, 24, 26-36
Extra Credit: p. 729, Lesson 3-5, #1-21

Math Team Announcement: We will not have practice Tuesday morning because of a conflict with National Junior Honor Society. We will still have the Tuesday afternoon practice, and we will practice Thursday morning. I need to know by Tuesday who is able to go to the Grissom tournament on February 25.


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