Thursday, January 26, 2006

Probability Test Retake Rescheduled

We had a class meeting today, and that put me a little off schedule. Now every class is in a different place again! Congratulations to Katie G. for being chosen Student of the Month for Most School Spirit! Go West Hall!

I gave back the probability test today. We went over it in class, but I kept the papers to file them. If you would like to know your child's grade, please email me.

There were lots of wonderful grades, but there were also many grades that could have been better. We worked on probability in Reading and Review today, and I will review with them tomorrow. I decided to postpone the retake until Monday because they are taking tests in Science and Social Studies tomorrow. You can find the review I posted earlier here.

Here is tonight's homework:

1st Period: p. 149, #9-20
2nd Period: pp. 299-300, #16-38 even, 40-43, 45, 48-52
3rd Period: pp. 279-280, #8-20 even, 24, 26-36 (This is due Tuesday.)
4th Period: None (I will be assigning 3rd's work for you tomorrow.)
5th Period: None (I will be assigning 2nd's work for you tomorrow.)


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