Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Proportions and Scale Drawings

I have graded 3 out of 5 classes' tests, and I hope to finish the rest tonight.

In math class we looked at scale drawings today and learned how to find actual measurements using the scale given on a map or blueprint. Parents, if you have any type of scale drawings at home, share them with your child and explain how you use them in "real life." Math homework tonight is pp. 307-308, #10-16 even, 17-19, 22-25, 28, 32-38 even.

In Pre-Algebra we converted among fractions, decimals, and percents. This should be review from elementary school, but there were a few challenging problems thrown in that I thought the students should look at this year. If you need help with this, click on the link to Ellie's math blog in the sidebar, and there are some good sites on this topic. Tonight's pre-algebra homework is pp. 284-285, #16-48 even, 54, 58-70.


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