Thursday, February 09, 2006

Catching up...

I have been very busy lately, and I haven't had time to post. I will try to get caught up by Monday. Here are the assignments for this week.

Monday - P. 318, #14-38 even, 39, 41-46, 49-53
Tuesday - p. 321, #10-20 even, 21-35
Wednesday - Practice Skills Workbook Lessons 7.5 - 7.7
Thursday - p. 325, #8-20 even, 21-28

Monday - pp. 307-308, #10-24 even, 27, 29-31
Tuesday - pp. 316-318, #6-40 even, 54-62 even (extra credit)
Wednesday - Chapter 6 Test, pp. 322-323, #1-19
Thursday - pp. 332-333, #10-30 even, 35, 40-52 even

I have not graded Wednesday's test, but I will have that as soon as possible. I have graded the math test from Friday, but I have not given it back to the students yet.


At 4:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Simpson,this is cole and I need some help with what we did today. Im having a lot of trouble understandiing the first step of the equation. Im not really sure which one to add or subtract. I'd really appreciate it if I could get some help.

At 4:46 PM, Blogger Mrs Simpson said...


Thanks for letting me know that you have questions. It doesn't really matter which term you add or subtract first. Just be sure to do the opposite operation. For example, if the problem is 2x + 7 = 4x - 5
you could subtract 2x, subtract 7, subtract 4x, or add 5. As long as you do the same thing to both sides of the equation, you are safe.

You don't have as many choices for the second step. You want to get the letter by itself, so subtract whatever is being added to the letter (or add what was subtracted).

At 7:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs simpson, Im having some trouble i understand what to do i just cant do it does that make any sense at all HELP!

Katie Pre Algrebra 4th


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