Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Again!

Sorry...I forgot to post yesterday. I am ready to have the students start doing this. I just haven't had time to make copies of the guidelines for them.

Yesterday the chorus was gone for part of the day. Today it was the band. That took just about everyone out of class for one of these days. In math we had a test. I will do my best to have it graded this weekend and new averages for the students. I assigned pp. 430-431, #8-26 even, 27, 28, 33, 34 on Thursday, and it is due Tuesday.

The classes are not together in pre-algebra. In 3rd Period I assigned pp. 353-354, #14-24 even, 43, 44-56 even. It is due Tuesday. Most of the class is in band, so we just worked on the upcoming math tournament.

4th Period Pre-Algebra had half the class gone yesterday, and the other half today. We did the same thing both days, so no one should be behind. The assignment is pp. 348-349, #14-46 even, 49, 50, 52-70 even.

Have a great weekend!


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