Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Math test tomorrow!

Thank you for all the kind words and thoughts regarding my son. He is doing very well, and he seems to have no ill effects from the seizure. I returned to school Tuesday because my mother was able to come stay with us until he is ready to return to day care.

I don't think I ever posted Friday's assignment, and I am behind for this week as well. Here they all are...

Friday, February 10
Math: Practice Skills Workbook, Lesson 7.8
Pre-Algebra: Practice Workbook, page 48

Monday, February 13
Math: pp. 326-328, #1-10, 12-56 even
Pre-Algebra: P. 739, (Lesson 7.1), #1-20, and p. 728 (Lesson 3.2), # 7-29 odd

Tuesday, February 14
Math: p. 342, #8-24 even, 32-33, 37, 39, 40-43
Pre-Algebra: pp. 337-338, #10-40 even, 41-45, 46-50 even

Wednesday, February 15
Math: We played a review game in class to prepare for tomorrow's test. It will cover Chapter 7. For extra credit, students can complete p. 329, #1-25.
Pre-Algebra - 3rd Period: pp. 348-349, #14-46 even, 49, 50, 52-70 even
Pre-Algebra - 4th Period: p. 343, #13-22 I assigned seats in this class today because there has been too much talking. Students who have a legitimate complaint about their seat may put it in writing and I will consider it tomorrow.

Wow! It feels so good to get this done! Have a great evening! Don't forget about the online resources that accompany the textbook. The URL is on the front of the book, and students were told to write the username and password in their planners this fall.


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