Wednesday, February 01, 2006


In both classes we worked with percents today. In math students reviewed how to convert among fractions, decimals, and percents. We also learned how to convert percents to fractions when there were decimals and fractions involved. The math homework is p. 315, #14-38 even, 44-50 even. We will have a test Friday over the first 5 sections of chapter 7.

In pre-algebra we learned how to use proportions to solve percent problems. I gave the students the formula I learned when I was in school (is over of = percent over 100). I need to learn how to insert equations from Math Type in this! The students seemed to make sense of this new material, and they had a little time to begin their homework in class. Tomorrow I will show them how to solve percent problems using an equation. The pre-algebra homework is pp. 291-292, #10-22 even, 28-40 even.


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