Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spring Break is Here!

This year has flown by so quickly! Just one more quarter left. Make these your best grades yet!

Speaking of grades, I hope everything went smoothly with report cards on Friday. I had already averaged grades before my medical adventure last week, so it was simply a matter of getting the information up to the school. I usually tell the students their grades before report cards come out just to make sure I haven't make a mistake. I feel badly that I didn't get the chance to do that. If there were any mistakes, I can make corrections when we return to school.

I was not capable of making lesson plans for last week, so I really appreciate Mrs. Wallace stepping in and finding activities for the students. We have a lot to do before the we take the ARMT in April, so the week after spring break will be busy. Students need to be able to find the area of triangles, trapezoids, and circles; perimeters of polygons; and circumference of circles. We will also study transformations of geometric figures such as translations, reflections, and rotations (slides, flips, and turns). They should have learned a little about these in elementary school, but this year we need to take an in-depth look at what happens when a shape is transformed. The only other objective that we have not covered in detail is determining equations from patterns, charts, and graphs. This is not really addressed in our textbook, and I plan to spend some time this week searching out some other resources that will help students learn this topic.

Thank you for all of the kind thoughts you sent my way while I was in the hospital. The surgery went well, and I am feeling stronger every day. The doctor has said that I can return to school after spring break. This all was quite unexpected! I love the cards that the students made me for me. They are all so special (the cards and the students)!


At 9:47 PM, Anonymous chase said...

hope u feel better mrs.simpson.and r we going to have hw the first day back?please say no!!


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