Thursday, April 27, 2006

Technology Day

Several students were absent today due to the band and chorus trip to St. Louis and Take Your Child to Work Day and Special Olympics. Because I have been out going to meetings for the last two days, it was a good day to take a breath and let everyone catch up! Here is what we did today.

1st & 2nd Periods: We worked with Calculator Based Rangers (CBR's) to play a game called Match the Graph. The CBR connects to a graphing calculator and uses sound waves to measure distance. Students aimed the CBR at the wall and tried to walk in a way that would duplicate the graph on their calculator screen. Tomorrow we will discuss the mathematics behind the activity and relate this to rate of change and slope.

3rd Period: Over half the class was absent, and those that were here had questions about slope and graphing equations. We spent the entire class period going over these problems.

4th & 5th Period: The computer lab ended up being available these periods, so I decided to take advantage of a rare situation and take my students to the lab. I recently purchase The Geometer's Sketchpad software, and this was a good day to show the students how to use it. They loved it! I told the students they could download a free trial of the software from the internet, but I just checked and the company does not offer this any more (I'm sure some people were trying to take advantage of this). I do have information on purchasing a student version of the software for $29.95, which is a wonderful deal. Let me know if you are interested. The other classes (and students who were absent) will get to go to the lab soon.

No one had homework to do tonight. I am still working on grading papers. I will let you know when I am caught up!


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