Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Why are good habits easier to break than bad ones?

I did not realize so much time has passed since I was regularly posting on this blog! After being out of school a week for surgery and then another week for spring break, the blogging habit disappeared into thin air! I am making a goal tonight of posting at least every other day until the end of the school year. Only a month to go...this year has flown by!

Progress reports went home Monday. How do you like the new Progress Reports? It sure is easier for the teachers. However, I think the office ran the reports before I entered all of my grades. I was up-to-date on Wednesday of last week, but the progress report did not include anything I received Thursday or later. I will have that by Monday, so you are welcome to email me for an update.

I am still wanting to get my students involved in posting on my blog. Maybe I can get that information out to them next week. This will be optional, but I think the students should really enjoy it.


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