Friday, May 26, 2006

School's Out for Summer!

What a crazy day! There were computer difficulties with the report cards...At one point everyone in three of my classes was given a zero for a semester exam that I did not give. That really messed up some averages! I re-entered all of the grades that were affected. I hope they are right! If your grade is not what I told you it would be, please send me an email. Tell me what your report card says, and I can go up to the school and check on it for you. I think some grades might have ended up a point or two higher than I said they would be. I hope you don't mind if that happends to you because I am not going to change those! (Ha! Ha!)

We had to take a closer look at the criteria for advancing to Algebra I. A few months ago we were told to send everyone in Pre-Algebra on to Algebra I. Last week we heard that they must have an 88 average for the year to be recommended for Algebra I. I was wrapped up in dealing with students who might fail this year and really didn't take time to think about it until yesterday. The requirement of having an 88 would keep many students from advancing to Algebra I that I think are capable of handling an advanced math class. The seventh and eighth grade math teachers decided that an average of 80 for the year would be acceptable. This still leaves a few students below the cut-off. I have recommended those for Pre-Algebra again to strengthen their basic skills before moving on to Algebra I. Many students who take Algebra I in the 8th grade end up repeating it in 9th grade for the same reason.

If you (or your child) took Pre-Algebra this year and made less than an 80 for the year, you will be receiving a letter in your report card explaining this in further detail. Here is a recap of the recommendation criteria:
  • Yearly average = 90 or higher (A) -----------> Algebra I
  • Yearly average = 80-89 (B) -----------> Algebra I
  • Yearly average = 79 or lower (C-F)-----------> Pre-Algebra
Any parent not agreeing with the recommendation for their child is welcome to fill out a waiver form in the office. The only catch is this...If a parent chooses to place a child in a class not recommend by the teacher, the student must remain in that class until the end of the semester no matter what their grades are.

Eighth graders have the opportunity to take several advanced classes next year. A full load of advanced classes would be too much for some students to handle. Please consider carefully your child's strength, weaknesses, and interests before determining which option is best for them. The work load is exceptionally tough, and you do not need to get behind!

By the way, all 7th grade math students automatically advance to Pre-Algebra (unless they fail the year).

I hope there are no glaring typo's in this post. I am having trouble staying awake! It was great to see so many of you at the Daikin Festival tonight; but I am tired, and I need to go to sleep. Have a great summer!

One more thing....(Look, Michael, I figured out how to change colors! For some reason my tool bar was not showing this option. I don't know why I have it now.) Would anyone be interested in an online review this summer to keep your skills fresh? I would be willing to find some things to help you if anyone would like to do this. I would try to make it fun (you know I sometimes miss on that one) and informative. You don't even have to be a current student of mine to do this. What do you say? Is anyone interested? Leave me a comment if you want to try this!


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Thanks for the comment! I hope you are having a great summer too! Is the picture on your blog from a trip you made to the beach? I wish I were there!

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